Friday, August 14, 2015

The Rant~

August 14, 2015


Here's my rant....
We've been here in the hospital almost 2 weeks and here I sit counting the hours until they attempt to put a stent in my mom's esophagus anytime between 8 & 3 like she's having cable installed.
Hoping they're able to get it in and give her some comfort for whatever time she has left.
It's funny the things we take for granted like eating without regurgitating.
My mom woke up yesterday and said she was dreaming she was eating a big juicy steak and baked potato and all I could offer her in its place was red jello and chicken broth with fingers crossed she didn't throw it up right away.
More ironic was that the doctors were totally ready to release her Sunday even though she couldn't stop throwing up, after much insistence on our part they finally took her down for an endoscopy. 
It turns out they discovered a mass engulfing her esophagus so they're going in again to try to place another stent this time in her esophagus.
I want to say I'm not angry but I would be LYING!
From not getting a correct diagnosis, or pain managed to being denied food for 3 days while they tried to figure out what to do next not realizing they still had her Npo.
It takes a certain degree of patience to be a warrior, first you have to be 
Prepared to answer the same stupid questions 100 times, first to one attending doctor and then to 99 students.
Then await the 4 different teams that will come in throughout the day and give you completely different stories & scenarios and look at you like your an animal at the petting zoo.
And most of all Prepare to Wait!!!!
Wait for pain medicine, ice water, an enema so you can go to the bathroom, wait to eat, to get your pic line covered so you can take a shower and feel human, prepare to be at the mercy of anyone in a uniform.
If your the warrior's caregiver prepare yourself to almost be given an enema or mistakingly have your blood drawn in the middle of the night when your warrior decides you should take the hospital bed because their more comfortable in the window bed.😳
Prepare yourself for the nurses that never stop talking and laughing all night long. And are bothered when you call them for pain or nausea medicine because your interrupting their yapping and laughing that woke your loved one from the first good sleep she's had all week reminding her of her pain.
Not to mention seeing a (cna/patient care tech) in this place is like seeing a unicorn... unheard of.
Good luck getting something decent to eat from the 24 hr cafeteria on the 2nd floor where no one cooks after 9 and you can't find a cashier to save your life.
Prepare yourself to deal with a staff that wants to be in and out and on to the next patient and then prepare yourself for the exhuberant bill.
Some days I think the only way you can tolerate this place is if your going straight to the morgue. Enough said, in my mother's words "the food's probably better down there, see ya there!" 
Having said all of that there are still great doctors and nurses that have made this stay bearable, being kind beyond words and staying those extra few minutes to make sure we understand everything that's going on while giving us hope that even in these scary times everything may turn out ok.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The obstruction~

August 5th

Her cancer has been progressing fairly quickly and although it hasn't hit any of her major organs yet she has been hospitalized for a bowel obstruction due to a mass pushing on her colon. The doctors have let us know we basically have 2 options. Have surgery that could possibly kill her or let her go home and die. 
She chose to go ahead and have the surgery today.
They'll start with trying to put in a stent but if it doesn't work the surgeons will come In and do what they need to do to get rid of the bowel obstruction.  

Well guys my mom came out of surgery about an hour ago groggy and vomitting but thankfully and by the grace of God the doctors were able to get two stents in place. We're very excited that she didn't have to undergo major surgery and for the first time in 3 years she was able to have a bowel moment on her own. So very thankful for all the good thoughts and prayers and hope in the days ahead all of our good days always outweigh the bad once. Xoxoxo's to all
Stomach cancer warriors everywhere.

August 6, 2015

So it's been a few hours since my mom's been back from her stent placement and aside from sleeping and having zero appetite, she's also vomiting all of her by mouth medications. 
Doctor ordered an  X-ray about an hour ago and said it came back unconcerning but since she's still vomiting have decided to take another X-ray standing up. For the most part she seems to be comfortable pain wise due to the continuous Dilaudid she's receiving via the PCA and is sleeping pretty soundly now.

Monday, August 3, 2015


August 3, 2015

This morning our mom was admitted into the hospital because she hasn't stopped throwing everything she puts in her mouth from food to liquid up and lost over 10lbs In the past two weeks.
Her ct showed more thickness in the lining of her stomach then on her last ct and possible extensions of her tumor. They plan on keeping her long enough to get her comfortable and figure out what's going on, just hoping for some answers and solutions......

The only upside is the view from her hospital room so far.